Discord Must Know

Discord 入群须知

Welcome to Quant Option Group! 👏

Please pay attention to the wording when chatting, communicate politely, and promote a good communication environment together! 😄

  • You agree to adhere to code of conduct rules outlined below. We reserve the right to revoke or ban any user from our chat room that violates any rules outlined. 
  • You Agree to not solicit any customers or workers of the Site for any reason.
  • You may not promote or share any for-profit, paid services, websites within the chat room. You may not promote, share, discuss, or suggest any other competing services within the chat room.
  • You may not share paid data from external sources including screenshots, non-public links, documents, or copyrighted material which you don’t solely own, have permission to, or are licensed to redistribute.
  • You should respect other users in the chat room and promote a positive experience. If a participant engages in harassing behavior, we reserve the rights to take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from QOG service.


聊天时请注意措辞,和谐交流,营造良好的沟通环境! 😄

  • 您同意遵守以下概述的行为准则规则。我们保留撤消或禁止任何违反概述规则的用户进入我们聊天室的权利。
  • 您同意出于任何原因不招揽本网站的任何客户或工作人员。
  • 您不得在聊天室中宣传或共享任何以营利为目的的付费服务,网站。您不得在聊天室中宣传,分享,讨论或建议其他竞争服务。
  • 您不得共享来自外部资源的付费数据,包括您不完全拥有,许可或被许可进行再分发的屏幕截图,非公共链接,文档或受版权保护的材料。
  • 您应该在聊天室中尊重其他用户,并促进积极的体验。如果参与者进行骚扰行为,我们保留采取他们认为适当的行动的权利,包括被撤销QOG服务。