How to find my TradingView username?


  • QOG Algo indicators are only for Premium VIP users. If you are not a Premium VIP, you can skip this article (no need to fill in).
  • In order to grant you TradingView indicator permissions, we need to record your TradingView username.
  • If you haven't registered a free TradingView account, please visit TradingView official website.
  • If you are using the web version, you can find in the upper right corner:
  • If you are using a mobile app, you can find it in the menu:

  • QOG Algo指标仅限Premium VIP用户。如果您不是Premium VIP,可以跳过该文章(不用填写)
  • 为了能授予您TradingView指标权限,我们需要记录下您的TradingView用户名。
  • 如果您还未注册免费的TradingView账号,请访问TradingView官网
  • 如果您使用的是网页版,您可以在右上角找到:
  • 如果您使用的是手机App,您可以在菜单中找到它:

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