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[[en]]Innovate your trading strategy with the best tools

Quant Option Group, Inc provides option order flow, financial data, market quant graph and high profit rate TradingView indicator for our members to enhance their trading decisions.

We are committed to providing institutional-level option order flow data for retail traders: we sort out top-quality order information from massive data on major exchanges, display them in real time, and provide powerful tools to visualize and customize.

  • Top-quality stock market data & the lowest subscription fee.
  • We provide you a one-stop service, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple services to meet your trading needs.

Quant Option Group, Inc(QOG量化期权)提供期权大单推送,市场量化图,以及高胜率TradingView指标,以供我们的会员增强交易决策能力。


  • 最高质量的美股市场数据,最低的订阅价格。
  • 为您提供一站式服务,再也无需订阅多个服务来满足您的交易需求。

[[en]]Our features include

[[en]]Option flow
[[en]]Realtime push, sub-second delay
[[en]]Focus on the data you need
[[en]]Historical data
[[en]]Query historical option orders
[[en]]View data from different dimensions
[[en]]A glimpse of high-level movements
[[en]]Quant graph
[[en]]Read the market sentiment
[[en]]Help you make smarter decisions
[[en]]Build your own filters and alerts
[[en]]Web App with dark / light theme
[[en]]Mobile friendly
[[en]]Full experience on smartphone
[[en]]Stable service
[[en]]Extensible & robust cloud infra
[[en]]Trusted by our customers

[[en]]Product gallery


Do you have tutorials / docs?
你们有教程 / 文档吗?
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  • We have detailed usage guides and options tutorials. These can be found in Member Center after you have subscribed.
  • But please note, these are only general educational materials and do not contain any investment advice.
  • 我们有详尽的使用指南和期权教程。这些内容在您订阅后可以在会员中心找到。
  • 但请注意,这些内容仅为普通教育材料而不包含任何投资意见。
Am I required to use TradingView?
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  • TradingView account is not required, and you can always use the options tool on our web App. But you might lose part of your experience.
  • If you are Premium VIP but do not have a TradingView account, you will be unable to use our QOG Algo indicator.
  • TradingView账户不是必须的,您始终可以在我们的网页App上使用期权工具。但您可能失去部分体验。
  • 如果您是Premium VIP但没有TradingView账户,您将无法使用我们的QOG Algo指标。
Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use QOG Algo Indicator?
我是否需要升级TradingView才能使用QOG Algo指标?
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  • You don’t need to upgrade TradingView. You can sign up for a free TradingView account here.
  • Some advanced features in TradingView like multiple charts in one layout will require a subscription fee. 
  • 您无需升级TradingView。您可以在这里注册免费的TradingView帐户。
  • TradingView的某些高级功能(例如,一种布局中的多个图表)将需要订阅费。
Can I use QOG Algo Indicator on other trading platforms like Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu?
我是否可以在Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu等交易平台使用QOG Algo指标?
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  • QOG Algo Indicator only works on TradingView.
  • You can always trade with other brokers based on charts in TradingView.
  • QOG Algo指标仅可在TradingView上使用。
  • 您始终可以基于TradingView中的图表与其他券商进行交易。
Is there a free trial?
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  • Unfortunately we currently don't offer free trial for our subscriptions.
  • We offer a discount for your first month of PRO VIP. We also cover your cost of switching to us from other services. For details please refer to the sign up page.
  • 很抱歉我们目前没有针对订阅提供免费试用。
  • 我们有PRO会员首月折扣优惠,我们也会帮您承担从其它服务转换至我们的费用。详情请参考注册界面。
What is your cancellation / refund policy?
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  • All payments are non-refundable. In the case of a billing error, feel free to contact us for a solution.
  • All of our subscription plans will automatically renew unless you cancel it proactively.
  • You can cancel renewal anytime, and you will have access to your purchased plan for the rest of its time. You will not receive a refund.
  • You can also change your subscription plan anytime. You'll be automatically charged a prorated amount.
  • 所有付款均不可退款。如果出现了帐单错误,请随时与我们联系以寻求解决办法。
  • 我们的所有订阅计划会自动续费,除非您主动取消。
  • 您可以随时取消续费,并在剩余时间内继续使用已购买的计划。您不会收到退款。
  • 您也可以随时更改订阅计划。你将被自动按比例收取费用。

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[[en]]Unusual activity alert
[[en]]Historical data & trends
[[en]]Advanced statistic
[[en]]Financial data
[[en]]Internal Features*:
[[en]]Market quant graph
[[en]]QOG Algo indicator
[[zh]]QOG Algo指标
99 69
[[en]]/ Mo
[[zh]]/ 月
[[en]]Billed yearly; Auto renews**
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[[zh]]最受欢迎 - 限时促销

[[en]]* More features coming up. Subscription price for new users may increase as features are added.
[[zh]]* 更多功能即将推出。新用户订阅价格可能随功能的推出而增加。

[[en]]** Non-refundable; Cancel before renewal to avoid future charges; Currency: United States Dollar (USD).
[[zh]]** 不可退款;在续费前取消以避免未来的收费;货币:美国美元(USD)。

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