Stuck in other services and still deciding? Switch to QOG now and we will reimburse your membership fee!


If you have a membership with another simiar service (for example FlowAlgo), we will issue you an exclusive discount coupon (up to $650 off) to sign up for any of our annual plans.

The amount of discount will be calculated based on your unused membership fee. We have two examples here assuming that your current membership costs $1000 annually:

  • Your membership expires in 200 days: You'll receive a discount of (1000 / 365) × 200 = $578.
  • Your membership expires in 300 days: (1000 / 365) × 300 = $822, so you'll receive the max discount of $650.



  • 你的会员将在200天后到期:你将获得 (1000 / 365) * 200 = $578 的折扣。
  • 你的会员将在300天后到期:(1000 / 365) * 300 = $822,因此你将获得$650的最高折扣。

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