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[[en]]Smart option flow - Follow the instutions
[[zh]]智能期权大单 - 跟随机构的脚步

[[en]]QOG's intelligent AI system filters out the most valuable option orders from massive institutional  orders, helps you trade fast and make clear decisions with our advanced visualization solutions.

Concise data, smart AI

精简的数据 不简单的AI

[[en]]Say goodbye to massive, complicated and redundant data

  • Smart scanning - The industry-leading AI system will capture as many options order types as possible from major exchanges: <sweep>SWEEP<sweep> orders, <split>SPLIT<split> orders, and <block>BLOCK<block> orders.
  • AI recognition - The iterative learning algorithm will identify massive option order data,  screen and aggregate them based on time and space attributes, including order transaction speed, traits, market info etc.
  • BID / ASK Info - We provide transaction bid and ask info, helping you understand the supply and demand.
  • 智能扫描 - 业界领先的AI系统将从各大交易所获取尽可能多的期权订单类型:<sweep>单交易所<sweep>订单,<split>多交易所<split>订单和<block>大宗交易<block>订单。
  • AI识别 - 迭代学习的算法将会识别海量期权订单数据,根据时间和空间属性进行筛选聚合,包括订单成交速度,特性,市场信息等等。
  • 买/卖信息 - 我们提供买方/卖方成交信息,帮助您精准判断供需热度。
option push example

Get latest data simple & fast


[[en]]Our modern & intuitive website will definitely surprise you!

  • Realtime - Experience real-time option order flow on QOG web App with sub-second delay, so you'll never miss any institutional movements.
  • Cutting-edge visualization - Detailed order data with real-time statistics, attention flow, options daily snapshot and other data visualization solutions, allowing you to make wise judgments in the shortest time.
  • Versatile & compatible - Our web App will adapt to various devices and screen sizes, in both light and dark theme.
  • 实时 - 在QOG网页App上体验亚秒级延迟的实时期权大单推送,绝不让您错过机构任何动向。
  • 顶尖可视化 - 详尽的大单数据配合实时统计,高能预警,期权日报等多种数据可视化方案,让您在最短的时间做出明智的判断。
  • 多功能,广兼容 - 我们的网页App适应各种设备与屏幕尺寸,在浅色和深色主题下均可使用。
option snapshot example

Customize your optimal setup


[[en]]A variety of customized tools help you build your trading system

  • Filters & alerts - QOG web App offers highly customizable filters, allowing you to focus on the orders you are interested in, and to receive corresponding notifications.
  • Advanced statistic - QOG web App features advanced statistical data analysis system. You can customize the list of properties you care about to get historical statistics.
  • Option query - You can identify matching historical option orders based on your custom filter settings.
  • 过滤器和预警- QOG网页App提供高度可自定义的过滤器,您可以定制详尽的订单过滤器,让您可以专注于您感兴趣的订单,并且接收对应的通知。
  • 高级统计 - QOG网页App具有先进的统计数据分析系统,您可以定制您关注的属性来获得历史统计数据。
  • 期权查询 - 您可以根据您的自定义过滤器设置,查找匹配的历史期权订单。
option filter example

[[en]]Financial Data - Keep up with market
[[zh]]财经数据 - 掌握市场动态

[[en]]QOG provides economic calendar and macro data to keep you up to date with the market. Covering daily financial events, market macro data and historical trends, you can also create custom data charts for in-depth research.

[[en]]Market quant graph - Read the sentiment
[[zh]]市场量化图 - 解读宏观情绪

[[en]]Exclusive benefit for our Premium VIPs
[[zh]]Premium VIP的专属福利

[[en]]QOG provides daily market quant graph to identify the pattern of market changes and anticipate the market pendulum. Quant graph visually illustrates the broad market trends. It covers the sentiment score of major sectors, and helps you analyze current market trends easily and quickly.

Market Quant Graph

[[en]]QOG Algo indicator - Make smart decisions
[[zh]]QOG Algo指标 - 做出明智决策

[[en]]Another mind-blowing benefit for our Premium VIPs
[[zh]]Premium VIP的另一个重磅福利

[[en]]QOG presents the most powerful indicator to our users through TradingView. We integrate our original and effective signals into one indicator, and more useful signals are continuously added.

[[en]]Candle Signal

[[en]]Candle signal applies different colors to indicate  trend levels including long, short and neutral. It helps detecting price movements and trends.

QOG Algo cloud support

[[en]]Cloud Support

[[en]]Cloud support helps visualize support and resistance of current trends. The reversal of clouds can result in reversal of the trend.

QOG Algo reversal zone

[[en]]Reversal Zone

[[en]]Reversal zone uses upper and lower band to identify range of price for the stock. It marks the potential boundary for trend reversal.

QOG Algo support and resistance

[[en]]Support and Resistance

[[en]]Support and resistance indicator uses lines on stock charts to indicate different levels of key support and resistance points for the stocks.

QOG Algo volume


[[en]]Volume indicator identifies unusual volume compared with historical data. Darker the color indicates higher degree of deviation from normal.

QOG Algo overview

[[en]]And More

[[en]]We're constantly adding new features to QOG Algo indictor, like market breadth chart, momentum indicator, oscillator indicator and dashboard.
[[zh]]我们还在不断地为QOG Algo指标增加新的功能,例如市场宽度图,动能指标,震荡指标和仪表盘。

[[en]]From our community

Simply love this tool. The web app is so smooth and powerful.
[[en]]- Jane C, experienced option trader
[[zh]]- Jane C,期权交易行家
Filters are AWESOME! This really sets it apart from the competitors.
[[en]]- Julio Q, TM Invest CEO
[[zh]]- Julio Q,TM Invest 首席执行官
Statistic is so helpful, I use it as an indicator in my trading strategy. It gives me lots of information before reversal happened.
[[en]]- Jason X, day-trader
[[zh]]- Jason X,日内交易员
I have to say this is way better than FlowAlgo. It helps me make important trading decisions.
[[en]]- Jim L, loyal customer
[[zh]]- Jim L,忠实用户

Build your new trading system


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[[en]]Financial data
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[[en]]Market quant graph
[[en]]QOG Algo indicator
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