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I can't get the VIP option flow / option query prompts no access, what should I do?
我没收到VIP期权推送 / 期权查询提示没有权限,我该怎么办?
How long do I get access after subscription?
How to Setup QOG Algo Indicator in TradingView?
如何在TradingView设置QOG Algo指标?
How to withdraw referral credit?
Can I follow the signals blindly?
Am I required to use Discord / TradingView?
我必须要需要使用Discord / TradingView账户吗?
Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use QOG Algo Indicator?
我是否需要升级TradingView才能使用QOG Algo指标?
Can I use QOG Algo Indicator on other trading platforms like Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu?
是否可以在Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu等交易平台使用QOG Algo指标?
Is there a free trial?
What is your cancellation policy?