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How long do I get access after subscription?
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  • Within 10 minutes after subscribing and verifying your email address, you will automatically obtain web App access.
  • Within 10 minutes after joining Discord group, you will be automatically granted access to corresponding channels.
  • (Premium VIP only) After subscribing, we will grant you access to TradingView indicators within 24 hours. This is a manual process so we apologize for any potential delays.
  • 订阅并验证邮箱后10分钟之内,您将自动获得网页App访问权限。
  • 加入Discord群组后10分钟之内,您将自动获得相应频道权限。
  • (仅限Premium VIP)订阅后,我们会在24小时内授予您对TradingView指标的访问权限。这是一个手动过程,所以我们对任何可能的延误表示歉意。
I can't see VIP chat room / option query prompts no access, what should I do?
我没看到VIP聊天室 / 期权查询提示没有权限,我该怎么办?
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  • First let's stay on the same page: our VIP chat room runs on the Discord app. Discord is a popular message push application, it has the web version as well as mobile app.
  • If you haven't used Discord before, please search for "Discord app" in Google / App Store, and register a free account. Note that our account and Discord account are two separate accounts. We can not obtain any personal information of you on Discord.
  • Then you'd need to let us know your Discord username, so we can identify you as our VIP and grant you VIP access. To do this: 1. Find your Discord username with this tutorial and 2. Update your Discord username here.
  • Join our VIP Discord group using the "Join VIP Chat Room" button in Member Center - Overview.
  • If you still have no access, double check: Is your Discord username typed correctly? Did you miss any cases / spaces / characters / emojis?
  • If you successfully joined our Discord group, but cannot query the option bot, double check: Have you enabled Direct Messages in Discord settings?
  • Congrats! You should be all good to go now! If you still encounter problems after following all these steps, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • 首先让我们步调一致:我们的VIP聊天室在Discord app上运行。Discord是目前火热的信息推送应用,有网页版和手机App。
  • 如果您之前没有使用过Discord,请在Google / 应用商店中搜索“Discord app”,并注册一个免费帐号。请注意我们的账号和Discord账号是独立的两个账号,我们无法获得您在Discord上的任何的个人信息。
  • 然后您需要告诉我们您的Discord用户名,以便我们识别您为我们的VIP并授予您VIP访问权限。为此: 1. 在本教程中找到您的Discord用户名 2. 在此处更新您的Discord用户名。
  • 使用会员中心 - 概览的“加入VIP聊天室”按钮加入我们的VIP Discord群组。
  • 如果您仍然无法访问,请仔细检查:您的Discord用户名是否输入正确?您是否错过了任何大小写 / 空格 / 字符 / emoji
  • 如果您成功加入了我们的Discord群组,但无法查询期权机器人,请仔细检查:您是否在Discord设置中允许了私信
  • 恭喜! 您现在应该一切顺利了! 如果您在完成所有这些步骤后仍然遇到问题,请不要犹豫与我们联系。
How to Setup QOG Algo Indicator in TradingView?
如何在TradingView设置QOG Algo指标?
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  • In TradingView, create a chart.
  • Add QOG Algo Indicator to your chart from your ‘Invite-only scripts’ under ‘Indicators’.
  • 在TradingView中,创建一个图表。
  • 通过“指标”下的“仅限邀请脚本”将QOG Algo指标添加到图表中。
Will you increase subscription price?
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  • New member's subscription price may increase as features are added.
  • As a current member, you won't be affected by any future price change and you'll keep your renewal price unchanged as long as your subscription is active.
  • If you change / cancel / expire & re-activate your subscription after we announce any price change, latest price will apply.
  • 新用户订阅价格可能随功能的推出而增加。
  • 作为现有用户,您不会受到未来任何价格变化的影响。只要您的订阅不过期,您的续费价格就永远保持不变。
  • 如果您在我们宣布任何价格变化后更改 / 取消 / 过期再重新激活您的订阅,则将适用最新的价格。
How to withdraw referral credit?
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  • If you have referred friend successfully, you can submit request in 'Refer Friends' page.
  • We use PayPal to handle transfers. Please make sure you provide the accurate information for transfer to go through.
  • If your PayPal account is not US based, PayPal will convert to your currency and the transaction fee (5% up to $4.99) will be deducted from the transfer amount.
  • Credit will be processed at end of the quarter, so if you have already submitted your request, please wait patiently and there's no need to submit multiple times.
  • Your subscription needs to be active when we issue you the credit.
  • 如果您已经成功地推荐过朋友加入,您可以在“推荐朋友”页面提交申请兑现奖励。
  • 我们使用PayPal来处理转账。请确保您提供准确的信息以进行转账。
  • 如果您的PayPal不是美国账户,PayPal将转换为您的货币,并且手续费(5%,最多$4.99)将从转账金额中扣除。
  • 奖励将会在每季度末统一结算,所以如果您已经提交申请,请耐心等待,无需重复多次提交。
  • 当我们向您发放奖励时,您的订阅需要处于有效状态。
Can I follow the signals blindly?
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  • QOG provides you an all-in-one indicator with useful features and signals to help develop and optimize your trading strategy. Although the profit rate of QOG Algo Indicator is high, this doesn’t convert to 100% success rate.
  • Please do not follow the indicators blindly. Please test out the signal setup that works best for you before making any trading decision.
  • QOG为您提供具有有用功能和信号的多合一指标,以帮助开发和优化您的交易策略。尽管QOG Algo指标的利润率很高,但这并不能转化为100%的胜率。
  • 请不要盲目遵循指标。在做出任何交易决定之前,请测试最适合您的信号设置。
What is the difference between web App and Discord option push?
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  • Option push on Discord is a complimentary service for our members to offer more flexibility. The data pushed by both is exactly the same.
  • The web App supports custom filters and alerts, as well as advanced statistic and more customization options, while Discord does not.
  • As our VIP, you have access to both platforms.
  • Discord上的期权推送是对会员敬赠的服务,以提供更多的灵活性。两者推送的数据是完全一样的。
  • 网页App支持自定义过滤器和预警,以及高级统计和更多自定义选项,而Discord不支持。
  • 作为我们的VIP,您可以同时使用这两个平台。
Do you have tutorials / docs?
你们有教程 / 文档吗?
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  • We have detailed usage guides and options tutorials. These can be found in Member Center after you have subscribed.
  • But please note, these are only general educational materials and do not contain any investment advice.
  • 我们有详尽的使用指南和期权教程。这些内容在您订阅后可以在会员中心找到。
  • 但请注意,这些内容仅为普通教育材料而不包含任何投资意见。
Am I required to use Discord / TradingView?
我必须要使用Discord / TradingView账户吗?
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  • Discord / TradingView accounts are not required, and you can always use the options tool on our web App. But without them, you will lose part of your experience.
  • If you do not have a Discord account, you will be unable to use Discord's options push and VIP chat rooms.
  • If you are Premium VIP but do not have a TradingView account, you will be unable to use our QOG Algo indicator.
  • Discord / TradingView账户不是必须的,您始终可以在我们的网页App上使用期权工具。但如果没有这些账户,您将失去部分体验。
  • 如果您没有Discord账户,您将无法使用Discord上的期权推送和VIP聊天室。
  • 如果您是Premium VIP但没有TradingView账户,您将无法使用我们的QOG Algo指标。
Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use QOG Algo Indicator?
我是否需要升级TradingView才能使用QOG Algo指标?
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  • You don’t need to upgrade TradingView. You can sign up for a free TradingView account here.
  • Some advanced features in TradingView like multiple charts in one layout will require a subscription fee. 
  • 您无需升级TradingView。您可以在这里注册免费的TradingView帐户。
  • TradingView的某些高级功能(例如,一种布局中的多个图表)将需要订阅费。
Can I use QOG Algo Indicator on other trading platforms like Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu?
我是否可以在Thinkorswim / Moomoo / Futu等交易平台使用QOG Algo指标?
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  • QOG Algo Indicator only works on TradingView.
  • You can always trade with other brokers based on charts in TradingView.
  • QOG Algo指标仅可在TradingView上使用。
  • 您始终可以基于TradingView中的图表与其他券商进行交易。
Is there a free trial?
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  • Unfortunately we currently don't offer free trial for our subscriptions.
  • You can use coupon code to get discount for your first month of PRO VIP. For details please refer to the regiter page.
  • 很抱歉我们目前没有针对订阅提供免费试用。
  • 您可以使用优惠码享受PRO会员首月折扣。详情请参考注册界面。
What is your cancellation / refund policy?
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  • All of our subscription plans will automatically renew unless you proactively cancel it.
  • You can cancel renewal anytime by yourself, and you will have access to your purchased plan for the rest of its time. We're unable to provide refund after payment.
  • You can also change your subscription plan anytime. You'll be automatically charged a prorated amount.
  • 我们的所有订阅计划会自动续费,除非您主动取消。
  • 您可以随时自主取消续费,并在剩余时间内继续使用已购买的计划。我们无法在付费后进行退款。
  • 您也可以随时更改订阅计划。你将被自动按比例收取费用。