Option 101 - Option Definition

期权基础 - 定义及特性

  • Stock Option is a right to buy or sell a specific stock at a specific price for a specified limited time in the future.
  • Call options give holders the right to buy stocks.
  • Put options (Put) give holders the right to sell stocks.
  • The price at which the stock can be bought or sold is called the exercise price and is also called the strike price
  • Each option has an expiration date
  • The price of buying and selling options is called premium 
  • 股票期权(Stock Option)是一种在未来指定有限时间内以特定价格买入或卖出特定股票的权利。
  • 看涨期权(Call)给予持有者买入股票的权利。
  • 看跌期权(Put)给予持有者卖出股票的权利。
  • 该股票可被买入或者卖出的价格被称为行权价(exercise price)另成为执行价(strike price)
  • 每个期权具有一个到期日(expiration date)
  • 买卖期权的价格称为权利金(premium)