QOG Algo Indicator - Candle Signals

QOG Algo 指标 - 蜡烛信号

Candle filling shows different colors on candles and each color represents different indications of current trends.

Candle filling is available for various candle types. It is best fit for ‘Candles’ type, and also applicable to ‘Heikin Ashi’, ‘Renko’, ‘Line Break’, and ‘Range’.

Supported candle types for QOG signal

Important Note: In order to have color shown on candles properly, please disable ‘borders’ settings in Chart settings. (Right click to see menu and open ‘Settings’ to see Chart settings.) 

Optional: adjust ‘Wick’ color to grey/black can help improve signal visualization. 

Right click to get menu
Unselect 'Borders' settings

There are three colors of the candle:

Green: price in a long trend. Darker the green represents more strength of long signal.

Gray: price is stuck in a range with no obvious long or short trend.

Red: price in a short trend. Darker the red indicates more strength of short signal.

Below are screenshots under light or dark themes. 


蜡烛填充可用于各种蜡烛类型。最适合“蜡烛”类型,也适用于“ Heikin Ashi”,“ Renko”,“ Line Break”和“ Range”。


重要说明:为了使颜色正确显示在蜡烛上,请在图表设置中禁用“边框”设置。 (右键单击以查看菜单,然后打开“设置”以查看图表设置。)









TradingView Light主题下截图
TradingView Dark主题下截图

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