QOG Algo Indicator - Dashboard

QOG Algo 指标 - 仪表板

QOG Dashboard provides summarized signals in a single panel based on chart features. 

Use ‘Dashboard On/Off’ to control the display of the dashboard. By default, the dashboard will be shown. 

QOG Dashboard displays

  • Trending signal of current state. Long: 📈, Short: 📉
  • State: whether the price is trending or in a range.
  • Trend percentage: the probability of a bullish or bearish trend.
  • Directional Views: presents trends on different timeframes. (Number in unit of minutes) 



QOG Dashboard显示

  • 当前状态的趋势信号。
  • 上涨Long: 📈, 下跌Short: 📉
  • 状态:价格是趋势还是在范围内。
  • 趋势百分比:看涨或看跌趋势的概率。
  • 定向视图:呈现不同时间范围内的趋势。 (以分钟为单位的数字)

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