QOG Algo Indicator - Oscillator Indicator

QOG Algo 指标 - 震荡指标

QOG Oscillator is a momentum indicator developed on top of Net Advances of major exchanges stocks. Net Advances is calculated based on the difference between the advancing stock and the declining stock. The advancing stock is traded above the previous trading session's close price. The declining stock is traded below the previous trading session's close price. QOG Oscillator 

It is recommended to use together with the index trend. The positive reading (green) can help confirm the uptrend of the index. The negative reading (purple) can help confirm the downtrend of the index. When the trend of QOG Oscillator is opposite to the trend of the index, it can be a warning for impending reversal.  

QOG Oscillator 是基于主要交易所股票净涨势开发的的动量指标。净涨势由上涨股票和下跌股票数量之差计算出。上涨股票的交易价格高于前一个交易日的收盘价。下跌股票的交易价格低于前一个交易日的收盘价。

建议与指数走势一起使用。正读数(绿色)可以帮助确认指数的上升趋势。负读数(紫色)可以帮助确认指数的下跌趋势。当QOG Oscillator趋势与指数趋势相反时,它可以警告即将到来的反转。

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