QOG Algo Indicator - Support & Resistance

QOG Algo 指标 - 支撑与阻力

Support/resistance can be found in the setting of ‘Support/Resistance’’. 

Note: recommend to use Support/Resistance Overlay and Indicator Overlay separately to avoid display issues.

Support/Resistance Overlay Setting

S/R indicator overlay helps draw out support and resistance level based on historical price points.

支撑/阻力 可以在“支撑/阻力”设置中找到。

注意:建议分开使用Support/Resistance Overlay和Indicator Overlay,两者同时使用时有可能造成显示问题。


S/R 叠加信号帮助找出基于历史价格的支撑和阻力位置。

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