QOG Algo Indicator - Volume Indicator

QOG Algo 指标 - 成交量指标

QOG Volume Indicator (stock data) identifies unusual volume compared with historical data. 

Darker the purple indicates higher degree of deviation from normal.

Volume indicator is useful to help identify potential trend reversal. Suggest to use QOG Volume Indicator in combination with TradingView built-ins volume indicator (search volume in indicators drop down). With default one you can see whether it is outflow or inflow, and then check out whether QOG volume indicates the volume exceeds normal range and degree of violation to make a trading decision.

You can adjust the length of historical data to look back in the QOG Volume setting. 

QOG 成交量指标(股票数据)可识别与历史数据相比的异常股票成交量。


成交量指标有助于识别潜在的趋势逆转。建议将 QOG 成交量指标与 TradingView 内置成交量指标结合使用(在指标菜单中搜索Volume可添加)。内置成交量指标可以看到是流出还是流入,同时查看QOG交易量是否表明交易量超出正常范围和违规程度来做出交易决策。

您可以在 QOG Volume 设置中调整历史数据的长度来回看。

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