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网页App - 宏观数据教程

QOG Macro is divided into two sections: Data List and Combo Chart.

Data List

Data List lists different kinds of macro data, including General Economy, Market Index, Housing, Producer / Consumer Price Index, Labour, Manufacturer, Treasury Yield, COVID-19 Data.

Click on the data title (eg: Quarterly Gross Domestic Product) to go to the details page to see more content:

The details page provides data sources, and you can drag the time bar to view the data in different time periods. Please note that the time in the chart is when the data represents and not necessarily the time the data is released (e.g. April data may be released in May, and the data point would show as April instead of May)

The gray bar in the chart represents recession, please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recessions_in_the_United_States

You can bookmark the chart you want to pin by clicking the like icon:

Click the arrow in the upper right corner of each category to enter the following preferences interface. You can change the order according to your preference or hide them completely. After adjustments, click on 'check' button to save:

 You can select the default data display range in the bottom of list view:  

Combo Chart

The QOG Combo Charts integrate frequently used data for you. You can also create custom charts according to your needs, and display the data you are interested in in one chart, so that you can compare the trends of different data. Click 'Create one now' to create your custom chart.

Click the title of the chart (eg: QOG Data 1) to view the details, and you can drag the time bar to view the data for different time periods:

QOG provides you with common data processing tools. The following image shows the custom chart settings:

Custom charts provide additional data processing tools, and you can use data processing tools to combine and compare different types of data.



数据列表列出不同种类的宏观数据,包括经济,市场指数,住房,生产者 / 消费者价格指数,劳动力,制造业,国债数据,COVID-19数据等。



图中灰色条代表经济萧条,具体请参考: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recessions_in_the_United_States







点击图表标题(如:QOG Data 1)可以查看详细内容,您可以拖动时间条查看不同时间段的该项数据:



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