Web App - Option Query Tutorial

网页App - 期权查询教程

Note: The query results are adaptively laid out according to the screen resolution. If the width is not enough, results will be displayed below the filter.

Options query returns options results for the selected time range. Default time options include: ‘Latest Day’, ‘This Week’, ‘Last Week’, ‘2 Weeks’, ‘4 Weeks’, or you can customize the time range. One year of historical data is supported.

Filter Template

Clicking on the filter template on the option query page will automatically copy the settings of that filter to the query settings screen.

You can customize the filter name in the first line. When you are done, please click the check mark button or press enter to save the changes.

If the stock setting is empty, you will receive unfiltered results. 

You can also filter against stock type, option type, premium amount value, ratio of strike price to current stock price, trade direction, trade type, expiration date, ratio of contract size to open position, contract size, and open position.

Deep Dive

When enabled, more option orders (with lower importance) will be included, which means you might see more data than realtime push.

Note: deep dive feature is only applicable to one ticker. If you are selecting multiple tickers, the feature cannot be enabled.


You can sort the search results by clicking on the fields, such as: time, direction, and premium.

As the above chart shows: when you choose the direction sort, the results will be sorted from ‘Fast Buy’ to ‘Fast Sell’ in descending order, or ‘Fast Sell’ to ‘Fast Buy’ in ascending order.


In addition to displaying the query result as a table, you can also plot the result with the stock price movement. To do this, first only choose one ticker, and then click on "Plot" to view the result:















除了以表格形式显示查询结果外,您还可以将查询结果与股票价格走势绘制在一起。为此,首先只选择一个股票代码,然后点击 "绘图 "查看结果:

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