Web App - Option Snapshot Tutorial

网页App - 期权日报教程

Functionality: The option snapshot service summarizes the number and size of option flow for the selected time range. One year of historical data is supported.

The option snapshot service summarizes the number and size of order flow for the selected time range, showing the most active stocks from the highest to the lowest. Using the first line of the above chart as an example: stock TSLA, call options amount for the past two weeks was the most active; the number of large orders was 7696; the total number of options traded 1.2M contracts; the premium was $8.4B.


Hover the mouse over the numbers under the bar to see details, and also highlight the information for the same stock on the put or call charts. As shown in the chart for SPY, highlighting the third bar of the call option and the second bar of the put option. 

The details include, Order Count: the number of option flow for the selected time range (not the total number of options traded). Contract Size: the sum of contracts of all option flow. Premium: the sum of the total premium of the option flow.

Filters can be used to display filtered results for specific stocks or stock types.

Please note: By default the data comes from result after excluding market index. If you wish to see data related with market index, please setup a custom filter.

You can customize the filter name in the first line. When you are done, please click the check mark button or press enter to save the changes.

If the stock setting is empty, you will receive unfiltered results. You can also filter by stock type.








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