Web App - Quant Graph Tutorial

网页App - 市场量化图教程

The QOG market quant graph provides an overview of market breadth to help you quickly understand current market sentiment.

The quant graph covers the current sentiment scores of the major sectors, from 1 to 100. When color in green money is actively flowing in, when color in red money is flowing out. The darker the color the deeper the degree.

The quant graph also includes the day's closing price, which is shown in small print below the score.

When most sectors are in dark green, the market is overbought. When most sectors are in dark red, the market is depressed and oversold.

You can select the date range of the quantitative chart by the start and end date above, and you can remove stocks and ETFs you are not interested in from the quantitative chart by unchecking them. Currently, only the last 1 year of data is supported.


Hover the mouse over the ETF ticker to display the ETF explanation, e.g. SMH is a semiconductor-related ETF.


QOG 市场量化图提供市场宽度概览,帮助您快速了解当前市场情绪。






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